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Baby Terrazo - Wireless Charger

Baby Terrazo - Wireless Charger


Compatible with devices with standard Qi charging. Smart charging and automatic shutdown at 100% charge. You can charge your phone or Airpods wirelessly just by connecting the charger to the computer or a USB input and placing your phone on the charger! + Anti-slip pads.


How to use: Connect the USB side of the charger to a PC or adapter Connect the Micro USB port to the wireless charger, the LED will indicate that it is connected. Put your phone in the center of the charger, when it is charging the LED will light automatically. To improve the charging time it is better to use the cell phone or Airpods without plastic cases. The total charge time will depend on your device and the state of your battery.


* Not compatible with iWatch *

    • Keep the charger away from water or any liquid. If you need to clean it, make sure to disconnect it from the power and / or PC.
    • Keep at temperatures of 0 - 45º C
    • Remove all objects from your phone, especially metal or magnetic ones such as keys, rings, metal cases, etc.
    • Occasional intermittent charging or heating may occur due to poor position of the phone's receiving coil and wireless charging. Try moving the phone up and down to match the correct position.
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