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When fashion meets technology


HORRORLAB was born from the idea of ​​combining technology and fashion, designing and producing accessories not only with the best style but with quality and exclusivity in each of our limited edition collections.


Our main characteristic is innovation, which is reflected in our three main axes: Design, protection and development.


  • Design: Each collection is planned under a clear concept line that seeks to give a message, we seek to create awareness about a specific topic, we not only focus on making "beautiful" cases but with purpose, each design is made under different phases until arriving Upon final approval, all of our designs are patented and 100% brand original.

  • Protection: We know that the cell phone is practically an extension of the body in today's world, so we not only want to give you a great cover but also give you the necessary protection so that you can develop your life without fear of damaging the screen, edges, etc. The protection of our cases are designed for three lifestyles: lightweight edges that do not add weight, anti-scratch edges with extra protection for the camera and anti-shock edges (for off-road life) with some variants such as anti-shock edges & sweat, which protect the camera and the screen of your cell phone.

  • Development: The development of our products is based on the choice of the necessary processes to give life to each of our designs, from new printing effects, to the search for suppliers of raw materials that comply with eco-friendly processes such as shells. of sea or flower farms abroad that allow us to develop each of the cases that have been designed in each collection.


At HORRORLAB we seek to offer our clients an exceptional and unique style, with no intention of stopping in the near future. Our vision is futuristic, focused on fashion and dynamic, so our products are the reflection of that ideal.


What are you waiting to try one of our products? Start shopping online today to learn more about what makes us so special.

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